July 90 Day BeachBody Challenge

Since I’ve been raving about TurboFire & Shakeology for a while now, I thought I should extend an invitation to all of you to join me in my 90 Day BeachBody Challenge next month!  If you have been wanting to get fit and lead a healthier lifestyle, this might be just what you need to get started.

If you watched my short video introduction to the challenge and are interested in finding out more information, please leave a comment below or email me at glowofgrace@gmail.com.  To see all the different BeachBody programs there are to choose from, stop by Grace Is On Fire and have a look around.  There are programs to fit everyone’s needs and interests!

I got started with TurboFire & Shakeology in a 90 Day Challenge just like this one and it helped to keep me motivated and on track.  Seeing posts each day from my coach and fellow challengers in our private Facebook challenge group not only gave me motivation and encouragement to keep pushing play, but also helped keep me accountable!  I had a team of people working out with me and pushing me to stay on track, but I was still working out at home on my schedule.  It truly is the best of both worlds!

Below I have posted some BeachBody Challenge winners’ transformation pictures.  Click here to see more success stories like these!

Insanity & Shakeology.  Ashton, Age 25

P90X & Shakeology.  Nathan, Age 32.

TurboFire & Shakeology.  Irene, Age 35.

Insanity: The Asylum & Shakeology.  Matt, Age 32

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