My Lash Extensions

I’ve been getting lots of questions about my lash extensions, so I wanted to do a comprehensive video that explains the ins and outs of having these beauties.  I did my best to discuss all aspects of getting and maintaining your extensions, from finding a studio to the type of mascara you can use.  Having lash extensions has changed my makeup routine and my life in such a good way, so if you’ve been thinking about making this change, then watch my video to get the 411.

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As I mentioned in my video, I found the most amazing studio here in Houston!  It’s called Lash Studio and is located on the West side of town.  My husband bought me a Groupon for their full set of lashes (a $250 value), and I decided to try them out.  When I first came up on the office building in which the studio is located, I was a little underwhelmed.  It’s a very old and outdated building, but once I was inside their suite, I was pleasantly surprised.  It’s very quaint and clean, which put me at ease.  I have been to three different technicians, and have loved them all.  Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful in the studio, and works hard to meet your scheduling needs and make your lashes look their best.  If you live in the area, check out their website for more information and contact info; I highly recommend them!!

If you live elsewhere, don’t fret!! Check Groupon for studios near you because nearly all of them are running deals to make people aware of the new trend.  However, I do have a word of advice before you go to some place new.  Do your research about what types of lashes they offer, as well as how they sell full sets.  Go to a studio that advertises a full set, not a specific number of lashes.  When I went to Lashes de Bella in Austin, I found the technician to be clean and friendly, but her mink lashes were super thin and fine, and she offered a full set of 55 or 80 lashes.  I received the “full set” of 55 lashes as offered in her Groupon deal and they looked great when I walked out, but as soon as some of my lashes started to fall out, I was left with huge gaps, so that by the time I went in for a fill they looked like a hot mess.  Not cute.   I was also not thrilled by the high prices of her sets and fills since there didn’t ever seem to be enough lashes to keep me going until my next fill.

Here are some close ups of my lashes before extensions, with the set of 55 thin mink lashes, and with my full set of Premium mink lashes from Lash Studio.

Before – open
Before – closed
After – Lashes de Bella “full set” of thin mink, open
After – Lashes de Bella “full set” of thin mink, closed
After – Lash Studios full set, open

After – Lash Studios full set, closed

If you guys have any additional questions about lash extensions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below!! I’ll be back soon with your next Urban Decay Smoked Palette tutorial!




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