Waterfall Braid Tutorial

My waterfall braid tutorial is here at last!!! For all of you Pinterest junkies like myself, I know you’ve seen this braid pop up a million and two times as you’re browsing through all of the wonderful pins that simultaneously inspire you to redecorate your home, plan a wedding, train like a beast, and bake/eat cupcakes.  As I mentioned in my Naked2: Fall/Holiday Tutorial, I learned how to waterfall braid my hair at the Shyn Salon event that I went to in Houston a few weeks ago.  I was shocked at how easy this style is to achieve!! But don’t take my word for it, just see for yourself.

Products mentioned:
Bobby Pins
Bow Bobby Pin (similar)

On me:
XTaren Blouse (gift)

Here are a few more close up pictures for you!

This is probably the last time that you’ll see the ombre hair!  I’m thinking that I need to go dark again (not TOO dark…just my natural dark chocolate brown) now that it’s fall.  And since I have hair ADD, I’m bored and seriously contemplating cutting bangs again too.  Would you want a fall hair makeover tutorial?? Just throwing it out there.  I’ll be back soon with a couple of Halloween tutorials.  Both of my costumes are primarily things I’ve already got around the house and don’t require sewing (because…yeah right), so if you’re in need of a quick and easy costume, these are for you!


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  1. Lychee says:

    I love it!! 🙂


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