Urban Decay Vice Palette Review

I got the email from Urban Decay announcing the release of their holiday Vice Palette and knew immediately that I had to have it.  However, it’s my husband’s pet peeve when I shop for myself around my birthday, so I forwarded him the link and waited patiently until my birthday.  Boy was it worth the wait.  This palette is PHENOMENAL.  I literally kept getting more and more excited with every color I swatched during my review.  I mean, the colors look amazing online and even just in the palette itself, but it’s honestly nothing compared to how the colors wear.  The vibrant tones, the buttery texture, the fabulous metallics.  I’m getting giddy just typing about it.  Watch for yourself.  You’ll see what I mean.

On me:
Michael Stars 3/4 Sleeve Tee
Color Block Nail Art (Tutorial & Products can be found here)

Not only does this palette’s packaging live up to the standards that you’ve come to expect from Urban Decay, but these twenty never-before-seen shades simply blew me away.  All of these shadows were developed with the new Pigment Infusion System that gives them their velvety texture, ultimate blendability, and rich, vibrant colors. Like the Naked2 Palette, it comes with a double ended (crease and shadow) brush, and a huge plus–a mega sized mirror.  I love that the Vice Palette is a large square rather than a long skinny rectangle.  Y’all know how much I love my Naked2 and Smoked Palettes, but their teeny tiny mirrors leave something to be desired.  And I’m not going to lie, after swatching all of these colors for my review, I’m pretty sure this palette is going to blow Smoked and Naked2 out of the water.

I took 2 sets of up close pictures of my swatches, one in natural light and another in artificial light so that you can see the difference.  I’ll describe each shade again below their swatches in case you don’t feel like listening to me talk for twelve minutes.

Desperation/Muse/Jagged/Blitz/Penny Lane — Natural (above) & Artificial (below) Lights

Desperation – satin medium gray w/ a bluish sheen (I can’t believe how different this reads in different lighting)
Muse – glittery, dark copper brown
Jagged – glittery, dark gold w/ dark flecks
Blitz –
the most amazing metallic gold
Penny Lane – a brand new shiny penny turned into an eyeshadow

Junkie/Chaos/Occupy/Unhinged/Black Market — Natural (above) & Artificial (below) Lights

Junkie – dark bluish green w/ gold flecks
Chaos matte cobalt (Fall’s biggest color!)
Occupy – shimmery navy w/ silver flecks
Unhinged – bright metallic teal
Black Market – gorgeous satin black

Armor/Noise/Vice/Rapture/Provocateur – Natural (above) & Artificial (below) Lights

Armor – dark silver w/ silver flecks and taupe undertones
Noise – hot pink w/ gold flecks
Vice – satin royal purple
Rapture – satin mauve
Provocatuer – metallic rose gold

Laced/Freebird/Anonymous/Echo Beach/Nevermind – Natural (abv) & Artificial (blw) Lights

Laced – matte peachy nude (the perfect base color for the palette)
Freebird – metallic pale pink w/ silver flecks
Anonymous – matte cream highlighter shade (only highlighter shade in the palette!)
Echo Beach – metallic nude w/ gold undertones
Nevermind – metallic nude w/ copper undertones

Well, I hope you watched the video because I went into a lot more detail than I did above, but this helps to give you a brief overview of what each color is.  Below you’ll find photos with all of the Vice Palette swatches.

Natural Light

Artificial Light

Okay, are you obsessed with this palette yet?!  You really should be.  I feel like the pictures on the Urban Decay website don’t do these shadows justice, and frankly, neither do mine.  The array of glittery and metallic shades will certainly keep me occupied this holiday season.  I must say, so far, I’m a huge fan of this Pigment Infusion System…there seems too be far less fallout than the Smoked Palette.  And the texture of the shadows is to die for!  Alright, I’ll be done babbling on now, but go buy the palette.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

I’ll be back soon with the rest of the Smoked Palette series.  I’m dying to finish that up so that I can dive right into this marvelous box of color.


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any way.  This rave review was 100% my own honest opinions.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Lychee says:

    I love this new palette !

    I bought it Friday on holidays in Paris 🙂


  2. Laura says:

    I’m french and i love your videos.


  3. hi glowofgrace, i’ve been loving your videos since i found the smoked palette tutorial, you are so bubbly and pretty. i love your eyes, they are so pretty, and you are really good in explaining the colour which makes me wanna have this one too.. hahaha


    1. Rachel says:

      Aw thanks! You’re so sweet!! I’m glad you’re finding the tutorials helpful. Thanks for watching/reading 🙂


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