Back to Basics: Cleaning Your Brushes

In one of my latest tutorials, a subscriber asked how I get my brushes so clean, so I knew I had to do a basics video on how to clean your brushes.  My subscriber told me that she uses Sephora’s Daily Brush Cleaner and her brushes never come out as clean as mine do.  Well ladies, my answer is simple, easy, and inexpensive.  Watch my tutorial to see what my secret is.

See how easy it is to get your brushes good and clean?!  There’s just no excuse for not cleaning your brushes once a week.  Most brushes are stored in the bacteria-filled bathroom.  Your face and hands harbor all kinds of dirt, oil, and bacteria.  And it all ends up on your brushes!! EW.  This simple step can help prevent breakouts caused by all of that nasty gunk that builds up in your brushes.  So please, please, go wash your brushes for goodness sake!  How can you argue with results like this?

Before & After
Brushes shown are from the Sigma Essentials Brush Kit in Make Me Blush.  Buy them here & use JAN2013 at checkout for 10% off your purchase.

Some of you may swear by your fancy, high end brush cleaning solutions, but personally I’m going to stick to my inexpensive, long-lasting Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.  It’s gentle on my brushes and I know it’s not going to cause any weird reactions with my sensitive skin.  Plus, according to my subscriber, it works better anyway! 🙂 And for those of you who don’t have 25 sets of makeup brushes (because really…who does?!), spot cleaning really helps clear off makeup from one look to the next in between washes.  There’s nothing worse than trying to apply a neutral shadow for an easy daytime look with a brush you used last night with your Smoked Palette.

Did you guys enjoy this Back to Basics tutorial?!  Next up will be a Contour & Highlight video, but I’d love to hear your suggestions for future basics tutorials in the comments below or on Twitter!

Best & Blessings,

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