Idunn Hydro Cream & Modelling Mask Review

Boy was it my lucky day when I entered Dermaloque’s twitter contest and won their BB Cream.  Thanks Marisa from Apartment 402 for leading me to this awesome product!! (If you haven’t checked out her lifestyle blog, you need to.  She’s got the most amazing things to share, including her recently crowned 1st place Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.)  This twitter contest has since lead to a partnership with Dermaloque, who has recently branched out under the name My Dear Skin to sell other skin care products.  My contact sends me new products to try out and review for you.  He knows, and I want all of you to know, that I give 100% completely honest reviews.  I don’t make money by doing a review or if you go buy these products, but I get a chance to try out some new products and share them with my lovely subscribers.  So far, I’ve found some gems that I wouldn’t have necessarily discovered and are now an integral part of my skincare/makeup routine. And now you get a chance to discover some new products that may become your new favorites!

A few weeks ago, I received a package with the Idunn Water Drop Hydro Cream and Modelling Mask Pack.  I just couldn’t get over how much product there was!!  These are both professional sized products which is such a breath of fresh air because often these high end creams and masks come in the dinkiest little jars that literally provide only a handful of uses.  My husband and I just started watching the show Rules of Engagement on Netflix (it’s HILARIOUS) and in the pilot, the wife Audrey starts raving about this amazing face cream.  She pulls out this like 0.5 oz jar to show off her $85 miracle cream and her husband Jeff looks at it and says, “Eighty five dollars for that tiny jar? What’s in it? Eighty dollars?”  Hahahah that is seriously SO true, but not with these Idunn products.  There is so much that it will keep me stocked for the next year, which is simply awesome. I’ll go into more product detail in a minute, but first watch my review and enjoy the bloopers at the end! 🙂

Idunn Hydro Cream 1

Idunn Hydro Cream 2

Idunn Water Drop Hydro Cream $65
– Highly Moisturizing
– Hypoallergenic
– Anti-wrinkle
– Nourishing
– Contains silk
The Hydro Cream is chock full of natural ingredients that are wonderful for the skin, such as Blueberry Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Aloe Vera leaf, and Apricot Kernel Oil just to name a few. This product also contains “Hyaluronic Acid, a natural moisturizing factor, which provides and maintains moisture by creating a hydration shield on the skin.”  I have the formula for dry skin, and I’ve never found another product that moisturizes my face the way this cream does.  It provides serious hydration without leaving me feeling greasy or heavy.  If your skin isn’t deserty like mine, I’d go for the Sensitive/Normal to Oily skin formula since you don’t need quite as much intense moisture.  Be sure to leave me a comment with a video request between now and Friday because I’ll be choosing 10 people to receive samples of both types of Hydro Cream.

Idunn Modelling Mask

Idunn Modelling Mask Pack $65
– Improves skin nutrition
– Improves elasticity
– Helps the pH balance of your skin
– Pore refining
– Provides hydration and protection
– Repairing
– Skin renewing
– Whitening
Like the Hydro Cream, the Modelling Mask is also filled with amazing, good-for-you ingredients, including apple extract, orange extract, kiwi extract, pearl powder, and charcoal powder.  “The extracts of collagen, houttuynia cordata, pomegranate, portulaca and green tea provide healthy bright tone, elasticity, nourishment and moisture to the skin damaged by pollutants.” We spend so much time try to deep clean our faces, but we also need to give back and treat ourselves to a nice, nourishing mask that helps rejuvenate the skin.  This product does exactly that, and again I’m not left looking for the $80 in the bottom of my teeny jar.  It’s really user friendly and leaves your skin both looking and feeling bright and fresh.

If both of these products look enticing, treat yourself by buying a set for $125.  You’ll be saving a bit of money, and just consider it a Valentine’s Day gift for yourself!!

If you’d like to shop some of their other items, just click on the links below.
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Shop My Dear Skin on eBay:
Modelling Mask Pack
Water Drop Hydro Cream
Mask & Hydro Cream Set

I hope y’all have enjoyed this review!!  I just get so excited when I discover new products and get to share them with you.  I feel so blessed to be able to do that, so that you for that opportunity!

Best & Blessings,

9 Comments Add yours

  1. This looks amazing! I WOULD LOVE to try out a sample for review on my blog! So I hope i’m one of the first 10 commenters! 🙂 and a BIG thank you for mentioning the 402 in this post— I am so excited you went into partnership with Dermaloque! xx


    1. Rachel says:

      You’re in luck Miss Marisa!! I’ll be sending some your way. I seriously love these products. Almost as much as I love those cookies of yours….. 😉 xo


  2. Taylor says:

    I would love to try this facial mask!! I have been looking for a good mask for a while!


    1. Rachel says:

      I personally LOVE it Taylor!! I’ll message you for more details and to get your address to send you samples of the Hydro Cream! xo


  3. Dawn Weiland says:

    So so so needed. I love that you are so good at this- the research is done, feedback, and bam makes my life so much easier. xoxo


    1. Rachel says:

      You’re welcome 🙂 It’s what I’m here for!! xo


  4. Hayley says:

    These products look awesome! I watched some of your other videos this morning too and I had some questions. Have you done any videos on how to choose the correct shades of concealers for contouring? Are there any tricks or simple tips to choosing the right shades? Or do you just allow someone to color match you at the store where you buy the products? Thanks so much! =)


    1. Rachel says:

      Hey! Thanks for stopping by! I believe I mention it in my Back to Basics: Contour & Highlight video, but basically you want to choose a shade that is about 5 shades darker than your skin tone. If you’ve got yellow undertones, stick with a warmer tone and if you’ve got pink undertones, stick with a cooler tone. I love the L’Oreal True Match Crayons for contouring!!! I hope this is helpful 🙂 And please email me your address at so I can send you samples! xo


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