How to: Get Matte Nails Without a Special Top Coat

Matte Nude Nails

Hello bonus video #1!  Didn’t expect to see me back so soon, did ya?  I’ve got a special project that I’m working on and I wanted to do the thing right, so that means you’re getting a full look in 3 parts.  Nails and hair and makeup, OH MY.  Be sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel so that you know when each new video goes live.

Matte nails have been popping up for a while now, and they’re here to stay for fall.  Matte is a beauty trend that was all over the fall runway, and it’s a trend that easily translates to nail art.  However, I’ve tried matte top coats and I’m not going to lie, I don’t love them.  I wanted the reliability of my normal top coat, but the matte effect.  Enter this awesome and easy DIY technique for mattifying your nails.  I hope you enjoy it!

Products mentioned:
Nailtiques Formula 2

Essie Sand Tropez

Tools mentioned:

Nail Buffer Block

Matte Nude Nails

Matte nude nails are particularly on trend for the fall.  Essie’s Sand Tropez is the perfect greige color that isn’t too warm.  I’ve worn this color a lot in past tutorials, but I am really loving this matte version.  This may be my go-to nail for fall!

Matte Nude Nails

You’ll notice a theme in the videos I’ll be posting in the next couple of days–fall runway inspired.  Fall, you say?!  But it’s still July!!  Yes, but let’s remember that I started posting summer looks in like March.  I’ve got to stay ahead of the game here folks.  The fashion world has moved on, and so have I.  Plus maybe I can will the beautiful fall weather in to existence a little early with my beauty guru powers.  Ha, let’s be serious.  It’s Texas.  That’s never going to happen, but a girl can dream, right?  This girl is dreaming of boots and scarves.

Best & Blessings,

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