DIY Makeup Organizer

We in the Youtube beauty community make it seem like you’re not organized unless you’ve got a whole room full of Ikea drawers dedicated to your collection.  The average woman just does not have or need that much makeup, but she still needs to be organized.  This basket allows me to organize all of my every day essentials for ease of storage and use.  I made my mom one of these and she’s been happily using this system for years, so I figured it was time to share! For the full video tutorial, head over to the HGTV Handmade channel.

Feel free to adapt and change this project to fit your needs, but these are the items that worked for me:
Tray Basket
Gift Boxes
Decorative Pail
Fridge Bins
Multi Use Organizer

If you use this system to organize your makeup collection, I’d love to see how you make it work!  Share a picture with me on social media @glowofgrace with #HGTVHandmade!


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