Social Media Fast

Don’t judge my ignored notifications. 😝

With all that is currently unknown here on earth, I’m feeling called to set my eyes on Christ above. I’ve been a little unsure what that looks like, but lately God has spoken to me through the Word, my pastor, and friends. It’s time for a social media fast.

I’ve been taking baby steps away from it all throughout the past year. I’ve never been an avid news watcher, but as the coronavirus continued and things in our country became more divisive, I had to basically outlaw the news in my life. At some point in the middle of 2020, I decided to stop posting on YouTube and focus more on Instagram. I almost completely stopped scrolling Facebook, and eventually stopped scrolling IG. I would pop on only to post and even that frequency really dropped off.

So here is the final step. A total social media fast. But what does that mean for someone who runs two businesses almost exclusively on social media?! As I dove into the Word, I felt like God was calling me to step away, but I couldn’t quite wrap my head around what that would look like. I still can’t, but I know that God will pave the way.

I would love for y’all to watch the two sermons that have kicked off a new series at our church and really inspired this fast. You can find them here and here.

I also mentioned that God has really been speaking to me through the Word. I want to highlight an amazing study by Lysa Terkeurst called Trustworthy. If you’re coming from the IG fam, it’s the one I’ve been sharing in my stories for the last few months. It’s been absolutely perfect for this tumultuous time. And I highly recommend doing it with a giant cat on your lap.

16 lbs of cat, a study Bible, and a study guide really made for a high quality photo. You’re welcome.

Another amazing resource is the Through the Word app. These audio guides through the Bible are just incredible. They’ve brought the Word to life in a way I never knew possible. Whether you’ve tried to read through the Bible and then given up because you’re overwhelmed, or you’ve read the entire thing, but crave more, you need this. I’ve done their guides on Revelation and Daniel, but I recently began their journeys through the Bible. It’s something I look forward to every single day and because it’s all audio, I can be listening while I cook/clean/get ready/drive/etc. Let me know if you decide to join me!

I love the community and the creative outlet that God has entrusted me with and was sad to just walk completely away from all of it, but He kept reminding me that I still had a blog. So folks, we’ve come full circle. I started this journey with just a blog, and now here we are again. I don’t know how long the fast will go. I’ll let God call the shots on that one and try to sit still enough to listen. In the meantime, I’ll be here. Doing my thing and sharing things I love.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Alyssa Skog says:

    I have followed you on YouTube and IG since we were both pregnant (you were pregnant with Gracie). Looking forward to more blog posts!


    1. Rachel Weiland says:

      Aw thanks for your support over the years and thanks for jumping over here to the blog!


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