Urban Decay Smoked Palette: Series Snapshot

Doing the Urban Decay Smoked Palette Lookbook series has been so much fun and such a blessing!! I’ve been so overwhelmed by the support that I’ve received from all of you since I started this project.  I’ve learned a lot since then and I hope to only get better for you!  Thank you so much for watching, reading, and always leaving me the sweetest comments.  It truly means the world to me!

Now I can’t wait to move on to other palettes and non-smoky eye looks and lots of other fun things I’ve got up my sleeves.  Before I do, however, I’d like to do a brief overview of the series so that y’all have a snapshot in a single post.  I will be including a brief description (both UD’s from the Lookbook, as well as my own) & photo of each look, as well as a link to the tutorial.  Plus I’ll be highlighting my faves and the ones I’m likely never to wear again.  That’s kind of a lot, so let’s get to it!

My Review
This well-packaged palette has ten stunning shadows to keep you looking smoky all winter long.  From the neutral mattes to the vibrant metallic colors, the possibilities are endless with this Smoked Palette.  It comes with a full size Perversion pencil to darken up every look, as well as the Lookbook and a travel size Eye Primer Potion.  Watch my full review of the palette here.

“The gold standard UD smoky look: dramatic, gorgeous, statement making.” -UDL
A classic take on a smoky eye using primarily browns from the palette.  This is a great look and a wonderful place to start if you’re new to bold looks.  Tutorial can be found here.

Iconic with Color
“Just like our iconic smoky eye but with the added edge of unexpected color.  Use it to enhance your eye color.” -UDL
The look features the deep green, Loaded, for a twist on a classic smoky eye.  You could also sub the Loaded for Evidence or Rock Star depending on your preference.  Any of these shades would add a subtle pop of color without being too bright or overwhelming.  Tutorial can be found here.

“Great for a sexy look that works at the office and transitions right into after-hours activites.” -UDL
This is by far the most subtle smoky eye in the Lookbook.  It’s very pretty and day time appropriate.  This would be a great look for a big meeting at work or a shower for a friend.  **One of my favorites!**  Tutorial can be found here.

“Matte shades create a smoky eye with added depth and dimension.  The understated texture lets you contour the eye enhancing your own eye shape or creating the illusion of a whole new one.” -UDL
A super sultry smoky eye is created without a hint of shimmer.  This is a very sophisticated look that is perfect for special occasions, so when you’re rushing to get ready for your Christmas party, take a deep breath and go Matte.
**Another favorite of mine!**  Tutorial can be found here.

Rock Star
“There’s a wanna-be groupie in all of us and this is the makeup she wears…Drop-dead gorgeous, sexy & alluring.” -UDL
The perfect look for a concert… unless it’s a choir concert and then you should probably go with Smoldering!  I was so pleasantly surprised at how well the rich hues of the purple Rock Star and charcoal Asphalt came together in this bold look.  The sketched image in the UDL (UD Lookbook, in case you hadn’t picked up on that already) looks really intense, but if done right, this look is awesome! Tutorial can be found here.

“A more refined, high-fashion approach to smoky.  Creating a shape with subtle edges and blending inside the lines is key.” -UDL
One of the more simple looks in the Lookbook. Sculpted uses only Mushroom and Barlust, which are both pretty, but the similarity of the 2 shimmery shadows leaves me wanting more depth and dimension in this look.  The metallic taupe shade of the Mushroom has an almost silver sheen to it that makes for a simplistic smoky eye that could be perfectly paired with a cozy, medium heather gray sweater this winter.  Tutorial can be found here.

“Women with bold, individual style love this look: a pairing of unexpected colors and intense application.” -UDL
Like Rock Star, this bold look is more wearable than it appears in the Lookbook.  When your eyes are open, the look is quite similar to Iconic with Color, but as you blink the Rock Star makes an appearance in this fun smoky eye.  Tutorial can be found here.

Cat Eye
“Most cat eyes aren’t smoky but this one is.  It’s the best of both looks for a sultry, mysterious effect.” -UDL
This look takes a cat eye to a whole new level.  The harsh, angular shadow clashes with the pretty winged eyeliner in a smoky eye that should only be brought out on Halloween when it can be paired with ears and a tail.  Although this was my favorite look when I was just flipping through the UDL, I was sadly disappointed by the way it executed.  Tutorial can be found here.

“Punk-rock-inspired, coal-rimmed eyes make a powerful statement but unlike Sid and Nancy this version screams sophistication.” -UDL
This is the epitome of a smoky eye created by the layering and blending of charcoal gray Asphalt and contoured with Blackout.  Really intense and sultry, it’s the perfect look for a big night out.  Tutorial can be found here.

“An inky shade of blue combined with a rounder shape makes this high-drama look unforgettable.” -UDL
This is an incredibly impactful way to add a pop of color to your outfit.  It’s a really bold look, but is definitely a great way to spice up a little black dress for a party this holiday season.  If you’re not feeling the blue of Evidence, sub it out for Rock Star or Loaded.  Ooo…Loaded would be really pretty for a Christmas party! Tutorial can be found here.

Red Carpet
“A nominee favorite, this smoky look is more pretty than edgy.  Wear it for magnetic eyes with Hollywood glamour.  It’s the perfect eye for your wedding day or anytime you need to be a knockout.” -UDL
Another subtle smoky eye that really packs a punch.  I’ll have to agree with the UDL on this and say that it would make for a gorgeous wedding look, and is quite similar to what I had done on my Big Day.  It’s the perfect look to wear for Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day!  So pretty, but not too overdone for church or a family gathering. Tutorial can be found here.

Reality Star
“From housewives to sisters, this is the dramatic smoky eye favored by reality stars.” -UDL
This is a smoky eye that is created by lots of contouring and the contrasting high-lows of Kinky and Blackout.  Channel your inner Kardashian, Snooki or JWoww with this look.  I keep it pretty subtle, but you can amp it to be as bold as your little heart desires.
**One of my favorites!!** Tutorial can be found here.

I hope you found this comprehensive index of my Smoked Palette series to be helpful!! I figured it’d be good for all of us to have a glimpse at the whole Lookbook and each look we’ve covered in one post.  Now on to other looks, palettes, celebs to be inspired by, TAGs and much much more! Stay Smoked, y’all!




Disclaimer: This series was not sponsored in any way.  All of the opinions in the original posts, and in this one, are entirely honest and my own.

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