Holiday Nails: Sally Hansen Gem Crush Big Money

Hooray!!  I’ve found another festive, holiday polish to wear this Christmas.    I stumbled upon this polish as I wandered down the oh-so-dangerous nail polish aisle at Target, and was eager to put another glitter polish to the test.  This one wears MUCH better.  Thank goodness!  Sally Hansen’s Gem Crush line has a range of glittery, shimmery colors.  I opted for a gold toned shade to bring a little sparkle to my holiday outfits without being too overwhelming.  Big Money is composed of a super fine gold glitter mixed with a chunkier rose gold glitter.  This unique combination reads gold, rose gold or even silvery depending on the light.

As I said earlier, I’m no longer afraid of glitter polishes.  I just have to find the right one!  Big Money has a smooth formula that doesn’t snag or catch on everything in close proximity.  After applying, but before I topped it with Seche Vite, I did just run my finger along the edges of my nails to make sure there weren’t larger glitter particles hanging off.  This seemed to work just fine and I have yet to feel the need to file down any scratchy ends.  I have worn it 2 ways and both look pretty similar.  I put one coat over a sheer light pink, as well as using 2 coats of Big Money on its own.  The former is shown in the pictures above.  I’ve got the 2 coats on just one nail that needed a touch up half way through the week because I totally forgot I’d used the pink underneath before!  You probably wouldn’t be able to pick it out because it’s so similar, but it does read alittle more gold after a second coat.

If you like this polish, be sure to enter my Holiday Giveaway before the clock strikes twelve tonight!!  Big Money is one of the goodies I’ve got for you, so that we can have matching nails this holiday season!

What’s your favorite holiday nail polish??



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