Holiday Giveaway 2012 Winner

First off, I want to say thank you so much for everyone who entered this giveaway!!  I appreciate your enthusiasm and support.  If you subscribed to my channel or blog because of the giveaway, welcome!! Have a poke around and hopefully you’ll like what you find.

I’m proud to announce that the winner is MiraclesOccur11.  Congrats!!! I hope that you enjoy all of your goodies!! Her favorite holiday tradition is, “getting friends and family together to go neighbors’ houses and sing carols.”  That sounds like so much fun!

After making my list and checking it twice, I put all of the entries into my Santa hat and pulled out the lucky name.  I nearly burst out laughing because this could not be a more fitting name for the winner for this giveaway.  Plus I think after the tough year that my husband and I had with his illness, this is just God telling me to keep my head up and keep the faith!

I truly loved hearing all of your favorite holiday traditions.  That was just so much fun and it’s so interesting to see just how differently we all celebrate!!  My favorite holiday tradition is getting dressed up on Christmas Eve, having drinks and appetizers, then devouring this amazing meal starring my mom’s royal beef tenderloin, followed by the candle light service at church.  Depending on how tired we are after that, we will drive around looking at all the lights!!  Maybe I’ll post the recipe for the beef tenderloin in an upcoming post!! It’s seriously the best thing you’ve ever tasted.

Again, thank y’all so so much for entering and congrats to MiraclesOccur11!!

Best & Blessings,

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