Valentine’s Day Nail Art

VDay Nail Art

Happy Valentine’s Day Part 1!! Today I’ve got a fun, but super easy nail art tutorial to help you primp your nails for this festive holiday.  I love doing nail art, but I find it impractical to go all out with some fancy design when I know I’m going to want to change my polish as soon as February 15th rolls around.  This is a simple way to add any cute design to your manicure, so get creative!

Products mentioned:
Nailtiques Formula 2

China Glaze Nail Polish (Salsa)

Seche Vite

Silver Metallic Sharpie

Vday Nail Art

Vday Nail Art

Notice I did not top my design with a top coat.  It doesn’t really need it since I already put a top coat on the polish, but when I tried, it smeared my Sharpie.  😦 I’ve done Sharpie nail art before and didn’t have this issue, so I’m thinking I just didn’t wait long enough.  Either way, you’ve been warned.

China Glaze - Salsa

China Glaze - Salsa

This polish is seriously the PERFECT red.  It’s got blue undertones, so it’s not that orangey-tomato red, and it’s not too dark.  Ahhh it’s just perfect!  That’s the only word I have for it.  And the polish itself is pretty darn close to perfect as well.  It’s ultra shiny and extremely opaque.  As you saw in the video, it already looked amazing after just one coat.  It was easy to apply and not at all streaky.  Everyone needs to have this polish in their collection.  Everyone!  So go get it.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a Valentine’s Day makeup look to go with your pretty nails!

Best & Blessings,


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