Julep Pedicure Kit Review

Hey y’all!!  My mother-in-law saw a deal for this Julep Pedicure Kit on Good Morning America and was so sweet to think of me!  She scored this awesome kit for an even more awesome price on their Mega Deals and Steals.  I’ve never used Julep products before, but I’ve heard amazing things about them, so I couldn’t wait to test it all out and get a review up.

Julep Pedi Kit - Full Set

This kit includes:
Tote Bag
Foot File
The Best Pedi Prep Ever!
Daylight Defense SPF 30
– 6 Nail Polishes (linked below)
– Toe Separators

Unfortunately, they don’t sell this kit on their website, but if something in here catches your eye, feel free to pop over and take a look around because it’s all sold individually.   I was so pleased by how much was in this special set!  They truly give you everything you’d need to get the perfect pedi–right down to the cute little toe separators.  The tote bag is sturdy and will most definitely come in handy for hauling snacks on our long road trips.  You, of course, may not have to drive across the country a few times a year, so this might not be a practical re-use of this bag, but my point is that it’s not just something you’ll want to toss.  It normally retails for $5, but is currently on sale for $4.  I don’t know that I’d shop for this item alone, but it’s a neat little add-on if you’re already buying something else.

Julep Pedi Prep & Daylight Defense

I was excited to try out The Best Pedi Prep Ever! to see if I could really tell a difference, and I’m happy to report that I could!  After using this callous prep, I felt that filing was more effective, and the result was super soft feet.  It contains chamomile extract and exfoliating AHA’s to prep and soften rough spots and callouses for filing.  All you do is roll it on, let it sit for a few minutes, and then file away!  This retails at $20, which seems pricey for a 2 oz. bottle, but the roller applicator insures that no product goes to waste and a little definitely goes a long way.  The Daylight Defense SPF 30 is a sunscreen with Vitamin E to protect you from the damaging effects of the sun and keep your hands and face hydrated.  I was skeptical that it would really be designed more for hands and, therefore, be way too greasy to use on my face, but was pleasantly surprised by the light, non-oily formula.  It’s more like a moisturizer with the added benefit of being SPF 30.  You can purchase this product for $28.

Foot File

The Foot File and toe separators are pretty standard, but well-made.  I used this file after using The Best Pedi Prep Ever! and the combination left my feet feeling silky smooth.  It was actually kind of amazing!  The foot file is sold for $6, but these toe separators aren’t on the website.  You can buy these at a drugstore though.  If you don’t have a pair, you should get one because they make painting your toes a lot easier!

Julep Nail Polishes

Julep Polishes - Names

Now on to the really fun part!!  I wasn’t sure how I felt about this bright assortment of polishes when I first received them.  Of course, I loved the pale pink and the shimmery purple, but the rest seemed a little loud for my taste.  However, once I put them on (and my hands looked like they were capped with a bag of Skittles), I was so excited by how these bright colors wore.  The formula itself is a nice consistency and opacity, but not all of the colors dried shiny so I recommend using them with a good top coat.  This isn’t a step I ever skip anyway, so this wasn’t too big of an issue for me.  I also noticed that some of the brushes were wide (a la OPI) and some were narrow (a la Essie).  I’m not sure if there is any rhyme or reason to the difference, so if you have a strict preference then this might be a deal breaker, but I don’t really care either way.  It was merely something I noticed since I was using all six polishes in one sitting.  All of the shades wore true to the color in the bottle, and didn’t change over time.  I thought that the red-orange shade on the end turned way more orange after a day of wear, but when I topped one of them with a fresh coat, it was still exactly the same!  So I’m thinking I’m either going crazy or it just reads more orange in certain lighting.  Let’s hope it’s the latter.

Julep Swatches 1

Mindy – A sheer, pale pink (another one to add to my ever-growing collection!)
Morgan – A shimmery, royal purple
Leah – A bright, very slightly shimmery green

Julep Swatches 2

Blake – The most amazing buttery yellow (Perfect for Easter!)
– A marigold turned into nail polish
– A neon orange with a hint of tomato red

Each of these retails for $14, which is a tad bit expensive for my personal taste, but I must say that I do love these polishes.  I’m most especially in love with Blake and Parker, which are colors I would never even glace at in a store or online.  They’re so springy and amazing, so I’d expect to see those colors crop up on me again as the weather warms up and Spring arrives.  Even if I decide I don’t want something quite so loud on my hands, I’ll definitely be wearing all of these polishes on my toes (although maybe not at the same time!).  They’re just such fun colors and so appropriate for Spring and Summer!

I had a great first Julep experience and I’m sure it won’t be my last.  If you’re cringing at the thought of spending over $8 on a nail polish, I still encourage you to check out their site.  They have a bunch of cute sets that would work well as gifts!  And if you’re loving the look of these products, but aren’t great at doing at home mani-pedis, never fear!  Come on over to my Back to Basics: Easy At Home Mani tutorial and you’ll be a pro in no time!

Best & Blessings,

FTC Disclaimer: These products were purchased for me as a gift from a family member.  All opinions are 100% honest and my own.  

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