Pretty Little Liars: Mona’s Makeup & OOTD for Back to School

PLL: Mona's Makeup & OOTD | glowofgrace

We’re almost all caught up, friends!!! Hooray!!  Before I jump into my Mona pictures, I want to walk you through some changes that I’ll be making to how I run things here on  Instead of doing an individual post for each and every YT video, I will be doing weekly updates with the videos that were posted on my channel for that week.  Obviously, I will still be posting additional content that is exclusive here to the blog, but I will have more time and energy for that if I’m not trying to keep up with my frequent YT schedule.  And if I’m doing reviews on my channel that require additional photos, I will be posting those on here as well, but I want this to really be another tool and outlet for my creativity, rather than something that I have to do just because I’ve uploaded a new video.  Sound good?

On to Mona!!  Guys, I’m so so glad that y’all requested a Mona tutorial because this turned out to be my absolute favorite of the whole Pretty Little Liars series.  And to think that I almost didn’t do this is just plain crazy.  She’s really got a few different styles that tend to change based on her character at the time.  The pre-Radley Mona had a style very similar to Hanna’s, and then when she returned to school after her stint in Radley, she took on more of a reserved, Spencer-like style.  However, I chose to channel the more recent Mona style when she teams up with the girls and is also being hunted by A (….or is she?!).  She still has a conservative, girly style, but with a bit of an edge as we start to see the part of her who tortured the girls resurface.

This makeup is a bit heavy for a school look, but if you tone down the eyes a bit, it would definitely be classroom appropriate.  And although it is a smoky eye, the neutral tones keep it from being too over the top, so this could be considered office appropriate if you were in need of a look that can take you straight from a meeting to a happy hour after work.  However, if you don’t usually wear much makeup, wear a more natural lip during the day and then bump up your look with the red lips after work!

(All products and their links can be found in the description box of the YT video.)

PLL: Mona's Makeup & OOTD | glowofgrace

PLL: Mona's Makeup & OOTD | glowofgrace

This is my new favorite lip combo, and one that you should expect to see on me ALL THE TIME this fall!  Bonus: They’re all drugstore products, so you need to add these to your collection.  Right now.

PLL: Mona's Makeup & OOTD | glowofgrace

PLL: Mona's Makeup & OOTD | glowofgrace

PLL: Mona's Makeup & OOTD | glowofgrace

PLL: Mona's Makeup & OOTD | glowofgrace

And….that’s it!!  I can’t believe my PLL series is finally coming to a close.  It was such a fun project and I really enjoyed creating looks for each and every one of the girls.  I hope y’all liked this series as much as I did!


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  1. says:

    Hello Rachel,

    I recently subscribed you. I like the way you present a products and give us your opinion.
    I just saw your blog for tiny little list. The photo you wearing black Mary Jane shoes and blank dress. Where did you get them.
    I like the outfit.


  2. Emna Wilson says:

    I have fell in love with evil by Karl Morgan. My question is where can you find it on youtube besides your video. I have looked for the full song forever and no results thanks.


    1. Rachel says:

      Sorry for the late reply! I believe that you can find his music on iTunes, and he has a website as well which will probably lead you to his music!


  3. Indiah says:

    Wow! You look like Mona’s twin!!


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