Urban Decay Vice2 Palette Review & Swatches

UD Vice2 Palette Review | GlowofGrace

Hello my beautiful friends!! It has been eons since I’ve updated you on here, but today, it all changes.  I bring you…the new, the improved, the magnificent…Vice2 Palette!  Guys.  This palette.  I die.  It is seriously my new favorite palette, and as soon as you see these swatches, you’ll know why.

Urban Decay just released their new holiday collection, and with that came the newest Vice Palette.  You know I’ve got a thing for Urban Decay palettes, so I just couldn’t help myself.  However, I’m currently doing a “no buy” during the month of September, I had to find a creative way to get around this little dilemma.  Luckily, my mom and I had just been discussing my birthday wish list, so I immediately called her up and told her I wanted the Vice2 as an early birthday present.  Thank you, Mom and Dad, for enabling me.

Just like they did with the previous Vice Palette, Urban Decay released 20 brand new shades in their amazing, buttery formula for the holiday season.  The original Vice palette was full of super brights, mega glitters, some beautiful (albeit slightly unpractical) metallics, and average neutrals, including two shades that I swear are the exact same thing with a different name.  I liked it, I gave it a good review, and I did quite a few tutorials with it.  However, I kind of had to remind myself to use it because it wasn’t one that I just naturally gravitated toward.  I’m not generally a brights kind of girl, and that’s really what that palette had to offer.  I’m glad to have those shadows in my collection, but it’s not something I need to pull out often.

UD Vice2 Palette Review | GlowofGrace

I knew from first glance that the Vice2 would be different.  The palette is full of beautiful neutrals and even more gorgeous jewel tones, which are absolutely perfect for the fall and holiday seasons.  And of course they are right on trend with the purples, the emerald greens, and the deep blues.  When it actually arrived on my doorstep, I knew this was my new favorite palette.  It’s gorgeous!  You get to see my live reactions in my video, because I swatched them for the first time as I filmed.  Basically, you see me melt over (almost) each and every shadow.

These shadows are SO creamy and buttery that they put all other Urban Decay palettes to shame, which is saying a lot, because those are all phenomenal.  UD has just nailed the satin, almost metallic finish that most of these shadows have.  The original Vice has a ton of glitter, and therefore, a ton of fallout.  Like some of the shades have literally exploded all over the others with their glitter bombs.  These Vice2 shadows are so beautiful and there was virtually NO fallout.  Even the one “glitter” shade in the palette, didn’t have much fallout at all, which was extremely impressive.  But I’ve rambled on long enough.  Let’s get into it, shall we?  I’ll give you an up close view of the shadows in the palette, and then bring you in for my swatches, descriptions, and opinions of each one.

UD Vice2 Palette Review | GlowofGrace

UD Vice2 Palette Review | GlowofGrace

UD Vice2 Palette Review | GlowofGrace

UD Vice2 Palette Review | GlowofGrace

UD Vice2 Palette Review | GlowofGrace

UD Vice2 Palette Review | GlowofGrace

The swatches will go from left to right, top to bottom in the palette.

UD Vice2 Palette Review | GlowofGrace

Smokeouta deep, satin grayish-black with red undertones; I LOVE this.  Such an updated way to wear black, and the red makes this color read almost like a deep, dark chocolate.

Lovesick – a matte black flecked with silver glitter; Honestly, the only shadow in the palette that I didn’t fall in love with.  It wasn’t as pigmented or buttery as the others, but still another fun twist on a classic black.  I was impressed by the lack of fallout, though.

Shellshockan intense metallic silver; UD nailed the metallic gold and copper in the original Vice, and I’m pleased to say that they’ve done it again.  This silver is magnificent.

Coaxa metallic satin pinky lavender; Although it looks quite pink in the pan, it has blue undertones that allow an almost purple hue to come through.  This is one of the phenomenally creamy shades that just melts on your fingertips.

X-Rateda satin baby pink; Compared to the other super satin, metallic shades in the palette, this one almost seems matte.  It’s beautiful and also has the blue undertones that will accent purples nicely.

UD Vice2 Palette Review | GlowofGrace

Prank – an almost matte navy blue with a teal duo chrome; This is going to be an amazing smoky eye one day.  It’s such a gorgeous, rich navy, and the slight teal duo chrome adds just a touch of interest.

Madnessa metallic satin dark teal; As I said in my video, this is the way you should do brights.  It’s bright enough to add a pop of color to a look, but still subtle enough to be pretty rather than overwhelming.

Strikea metallic satin pale gold; This looks a little scarier in the pan than it does on the skin.  It’s a truly beautiful gold that will be easy to incorporate into your routine.

Stash a metallic satin deep olive green with gold shimmer; How pretty is this color?!?!? I don’t even have words.

Poisona satin charcoal gray with blue shimmer; This is another one of those shadows that will act beautifully as a black.  It’s such a deep gray, and the slight shimmer adds some nice dimension.

**Note: I’m working backwards in the rows now since I had to switch over to my left arm.**

UD Vice2 Palette Review | GlowofGrace

Deraileda metallic satin deep, taupey chocolate brown; This is just the start of me gushing over neutrals.  NEUTRALS.  You’d think they’d have run out of ideas after the Naked invasion, but nope.

Betrayala satin royal purple with a blue duo chrome; I don’t usually melt over duo chromes, but this shade is awesome.  What a fun new way to wear purple!

Voodoo a satin deep purple with purple shimmer; This reminds me a lot of Rockstar from the Smoked Palette.  I like this color, and it swatched beautifully, but it didn’t stand out to me as anything super special.

Damageda metallic satin deep emerald green; OH MY GOSH.  This green.  I die.

Radara metallic satin warm medium brown; Another neutral that is just amazing.  This is such a beautiful bronzey brown that will look great in every day looks and dramatic smoky eyes.

UD Vice2 Palette Review | GlowofGrace

How pretty is this row of shadows?!?!  This is definitely something you wouldn’t have seen in the original Vice Palette.

Rewinda matte medium cocoa brown; HALLELUJAH!  That was the angels singing from Heaven.  UD has given us a matte contour shade! And it’s a perfect neutral brown so it can be used with both the warmer and cooler shades.

Ambusha metallic satin warm dark brown; I just love this deep, rustic brown.  I seriously can’t believe I’m raving this much about browns!

Habita matte nude peach; A beautiful nude that will act as a perfect base shadow for any color in the palette.  Amazingly, these matte shades are just a buttery and soft as the metallic satins.

Toxica metallic satin dark rose gold; Another one of my favorite shadows in the palette.  This rusty, rose gold is just stunning.

Dopea satin champagne; Truly the perfect highlight shade to complete this palette.

UD Vice2 Palette Review | GlowofGrace

How gorgeous is this lineup of shadows?!  Urban Decay seriously knocked the ball out of the park on this one.  They have provided the most beautiful jewel tones, some stunning metallics, neutrals that are just to die for, and a few complementary matte shades to tie the whole thing together.  You can create an endless amount of complete looks with the Vice2, and I know that it’s going to be one that I reach for day after day after day.  It’s just that good.

UD Vice2 Palette Review | GlowofGrace

It also came with two deluxe size samples of other new additions to the Urban Decay collection.  A Eye Primer Potion with anti-aging properties (say what?!) and one of their new Revolution Lipsticks in the shade 69.  I can’t wait to use both of these little guys, and I’m sure it will end up leading to at least one full size purchase.  Urban Decay, my wallet hates you.

UD Vice2 Palette Review | GlowofGrace

This lipstick was so creamy and pigmented, and y’all know how much I’m loving red lips right now.  I’m sure you’ll be seeing this pop up on me very soon.

Last but not least, I’ve got to mention the price.  This palette is $59, but I promise you, it’s worth it.  Save up or ask for it for Christmas if your wallet is trying to convince you that it’s not really that amazing.  It is.  You need it.  Plus, you get two adorable little samples along with it!

I hope y’all have enjoyed this review!!  Please be sure to subscribe, pin, like, favorite, and what-have-you because I always appreciate it, and leave me a comment with which color you liked the best and want to see me use in a tutorial!

Best & Blessings,




7 Comments Add yours

  1. Jess Scull says:

    Loved your review!!


    1. Rachel says:

      Thanks Jess!!! I can’t wait to read yours! xo


  2. Karo says:

    Amazing video (btw I love your videos so much) , great swatsches and this palett is sooooo wonderful. I love UD so…I need Vice2 too 🙂


    1. Rachel says:

      Aw thank you!! I’m so glad that you enjoyed the review!! The palette is seriously amazing. You’re going to love it! xo


  3. Renae (evanschica1) says:

    Rachel, I saw the video on youtube! I’m in love with this palette! You just forgot to mention that huge mirror! lol


    1. Rachel says:

      Isn’t it amazing?! Haha I think I mentioned it in the beginning when I was talking about how it’s good to travel with. Everyone needs this palette. It’s the best!


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