Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Happy-almost-Halloween, my long lost blogging buddies!!  I’m praying that you are all subbed to me on YouTube so that you’ll know that I haven’t just fallen off the face of the planet.  While I’ve got you here, I thought I would share some of the costume ideas that I came up with this year.  We generally hang out with friends, or just hang out at home to hand out candy, so I find it hard to go out and spend a ton of money on a costume that I’ll wear once.  There are so many ways to use what you’ve got with maybe a few small and inexpensive additions to come up with some great, last minute costumes!

For starters, I had to do a very predictable (sort of) Halloween look and appeal to all of the zombie lovers out there.  Kyle and my dad are obsessed with Walking Dead, Plants vs Zombies, basically anything zombie related.  BUT I don’t really like them, so I had to come up with a way to make the idea appeal to me as well.  Boom.  My glam zombie was born!

Glam Zombie | GlowofGrace

Glam Zombie | GlowofGrace

For once in my life, I found myself thankful for my panda status dark circles.  They really help add to the zombie look, don’t you think?  Haha but don’t be too scared…I did enhance them.  They aren’t naturally that bad!  Praise God.

For the full tutorial and a complete list of all products, click HERE and glam up your zombie self too!

The second tutorial was born from my insane desire to be (I mean…. dress up as) Bella Cullen after she transforms into a vampire.  And let’s be clear, I’ve got about as much interest in traditional vampires as I do zombies.  But then the Twilight series came along, and although I resisted it at first, I eventually caved and then of course fell in love.  In case you’re unfamiliar, the Cullens are GOOD vampires.  Vegetarians–living on a diet of animal blood, rather than human blood.  Impossibly fast, incredibly strong, and beyond beautiful.  In the sun, their skin glistens like diamonds.  Which brings me to this tutorial.  Bella looks far too much like me (small, pale brunette) for that to be a complete costume, so I decided to be a vampire in the sun.

I didn’t really want to recreate a look from the movies for a couple of reasons. 1) The Bella Cullen vampire look has been done to death (no pun intended).  2) WHY do they all wear so much makeup?!  The vampires in the book are supposed to be incredibly beautiful, but there’s no way they need or wear makeup with their flawless marble-like skin.  So I decided to recreate the look I’d always imagined her to have in my mind while reading Breaking Dawn.  Of course, I had to wear makeup, but I wanted to use products that enhance natural beauty.  Then it was time to achieve the vamp in the sun effect, which was the only thing I didn’t just have lying around in my makeup collection.  However, it was only $0.99 from Sally Beauty, so this still works for an inexpensive, DIY costume!  Again, to stay in line with the Bella from the books, you would need to wear gold or red colored contacts, BUT I found a way to cheat that too.  When Bella’s father Charlie comes around, she has to wear brown contacts to fake her old, human eye color, so I’m just pretending like I’ve got some brown contacts in.  Play along with me!

Bella Cullen | GlowofGrace

Bella Cullen | GlowofGrace

Sadly enough, there is no photo shopping or special filters that are making me look that pale.  Of course, I put on some of my lightest foundation and concealer, but maybe I’m more like a vampire than I know.  Kyle and I ran out to catch the last rays of sunshine, and this is was the result, but I think it worked out perfectly for this costume.

For the full tutorial and complete list of products used, click HERE and I’ll bite you so that you can become a vampire too!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tutorials!! They are both work appropriate, easy on the wallet, and easy to achieve with what you already have on hand.  Leave me a comment with your costume plans for Halloween!

Best & Blessings,


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