Numbers 10:9 | Daily Bible Weeks 5 & 6

Note to self: If you’re going to fall behind in your Daily Bible readings and need to play major catch up, don’t do it while you’re in Numbers.

Between moving and having a teammate and his wife stay with us for the past couple of weeks, I’ve had little down time to devote to catching up on all of my reading.  And the more I fell behind, the easier it became to put it off because the task just seemed so overwhelming.  Then as I sat down with my coffee in one hand and Bible in the other, I realized that part of my issue was that I’ve read my way into the book of Numbers.  Now granted, this version of the Daily Bible breaks it up according to topic rather than keeping it strictly in order, which makes it slightly easier, but I’ve still found it tough to get through.  It’s a lot of laws, a lot of raids on other peoples, and a lot of disobedient Israelites. (Hello!! God just performed ridiculous miracles to get you out of Egypt! Just do what He says!)  Is anyone else struggling to get through this as well, or is it just me?

However, I did find a verse that spoke to me as I was reading my way through the first couple weeks of February.  Well, half a verse to be specific.

Numbers 10:9 | Daily Bible

“… Then you will be remembered by the Lord your God and rescued from your enemies.”
– Numbers 10:9

The verse is referencing the actual physical enemies of that time, but I find today that we face the same enemy in many forms.  The devil, master of deception, works tirelessly to pull us away from God, from the path He’s laid out for us, and from His many truths.  Especially in this hectic, chaotic, and constantly changing baseball life, I find it so easy to feed in to the doubt and the worry that the Devil places in my mind.  But in these times, I need only call out and God will rescue me from my enemy!  So whether you find yourself in a battle with a physical enemy like the Israelites or the ultimate enemy like myself, just remember that God has got your back!

Best & Blessings,

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