Review & Swatches | Physician’s Formula New Sexy Booster Line

Haaaappppyyy Monday!! Are y’all having a good morning so far?  Mine has already been quite the adventure and it’s not even 9am yet.  We had a crazy storm that knocked out our internet over the weekend, so I’m currently cozied up in Starbucks with a Peppermint Latte in one hand and a croissant in the other.  Which means I’m typing with my mind…you didn’t know I could do that, did you?

PF Sexy Booster Eyes

Okay, enough of me being silly and on to the matters at hand.  A while ago, I reviewed Physician’s Formula’s new Nude Wear Bronzer and the eyeshadow quad from this Sexy Booster line, which you can read HERE.  I’ve also been trying out the new mascara and eyeliner trio that were released, so now it’s time to share my thoughts and swatches with you.

Sexy Booster Va Va Voom Volume Mascara – $9.95
PF Mascara

Hi.  This packaging is GORGEOUS.  The black lacy pattern is flocked, so it really feels sexy and expensive.

PF Mascara

They carried the “sexy” theme right on down to the wand itself.  Even the plastic bristles are red!! I shot this photo right after opening the tube for the first time, so I hadn’t yet given it a good swirl around in the mascara.

The mascara itself is fine for a non-waterproof formula.  It does give my lashes a nice fullness, but doesn’t really do much for length, and does nothing to hold my curl.  That being said, I’ve been LOVING this on my lower lashes.  For whatever reason, it just leaves them looking full and soft and magnificent.  If you’re looking for a mascara that will add just the right amount of femininity to your look, this is a great option.

Sexy Booster Ooh La La Sexy Eyes Trio – $12.95
PF Eyeliners

This trio sticks with the sexy red and lace design, but in a much more minimal way.  The three liners come strapped in a little case, which is cute, but impractical for daily use.

PF Eyeliners

This set offers (from left to right) a kajal pencil, a felt tip liner, and an automatic pencil.

PF Eyeliner Swatches
Left to right: Kajal, Liquid, Pencil

Kajal Pencil – Kajals are soft kohl-type pencils that are intended for waterlines and creating that soft smoky effect.  I’m IN LOVE with this pencil!  So smooth and creamy, it glides on the waterline like a dream.

Felt tip Pen – Let me just go on the record stating that I’m quite possibly the worst liquid eyeliner swatcher ever.  I don’t know what my issue is, but I swear the liner is not actually this runny and watery.  It’s pretty liquidy for a pen, which means it can get a little messy, but when applied to the eyes it is a nice, opaque black.  This is my least favorite of the trio because of the occasional liquid eyeliner mess, so I think I’ll stick to my beloved PF 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Serum + Eyeliner Pen.

Automatic Pencil – This is pretty standard for a PF eyeliner pencil.  It goes on smoothly and is nicely pigmented, but doesn’t have the most amazing staying power.  I definitely will get use out of this though because one can never have too many standard black pencil liners.

Overall, I like these new products, but I’m not totally blown away by them.  I definitely reach for the mascara more than anything, and I know that once I can just work it into my routine, I’ll be reaching for that kajal a lot as well.  I think the prices for these items are definitely more reasonable that the ones I mentioned in my previous review, so if you’ve been interested in trying these, I think they’re worth picking up.  Especially with an Ulta $3.50 off coupon!

Best & Blessings,

*Disclaimer: These products were sent for my review & consideration.  As always, all opinions are 100% honest and my own.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Carla says:

    Hi Rachel!

    I will like to know if you have done a tutorial regarding how to hide rosaccia (rosy cheeks). I know that some people used like green primer to hide the red and rosy marks on their face to neutralize. But I will like to know the correct way to do it.



    1. Rachel says:

      Sorry for the late reply! I haven’t done a video on it because I don’t personally have an issue with redness, but I have used green primers when doing makeup on people with redness and it works well! There are also green concealers out there if you find you need more coverage and correction than a primer can provide.


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