Kyle’s Wednesday Wows!

Hello, friends!  Happy Wednesday!  If you are subscribed to my YouTube Channel, then you’ll know that I have a weekly favorites series called my Wednesday Wows.  A couple of weeks ago, it occurred to me that it may be beneficial to do a Wednesday Wows for some of the things that my husband has been loving as well.  I’ve finally rubbed off on him and got him to use more products, so here are few that have become staples in his routine.

These are in no particular order of favoritism, but I generally like to work my way from the head down!

Garnier Power Putty Fiber Spikes* garnier power puttyTruth be told, he actually likes the Mess Maker version better, but it’s at the field and was not available to be photographed.  This is a close second though.  Kyle is not one to really “style” his hair as he generally keeps it pretty short, but he has lots of cowlicks that need to be tamed.  These putties give him the hold he needs without making him look over-styled.

VMV Hypoallergenics 1635 Pre-Shave Barbor Oil*VMV shave oilBefore he was gifted these next 2 items, Kyle used nothing but hot water to shave his face.  ::shudder::  I’m a huge fan of this allergen-free, mostly natural company, and he has really been enjoying this shave oil.  It produces a warming effect and preps the skin for shaving.

VMV Hypoallergenics 1635 Pre-Shave Scrub*
VMV cleanserThis gentle scrub exfoliates the skin as another prep-step for a nice, smooth shave.  He didn’t notice a huge difference in the shave results with this one, but if he’s in a hurry and doesn’t have time to let the hot water soften his facial hair, this definitely will speed up the process.  Kyle did also note that this has an earthy smell, and he’s right.  It’s definitely not an offensive scent, and is probably good for a men’s product.

Kyoku Sake Infused Shave Cream for Normal Skin*
kyoku shave cream
BY FAR KYLE’S FAVORITE!  He uses this for shaving and absolutely raves about it.  It’s a gel-to-cream type formula that provides a little bit of a cooling sensation and makes a huge difference in the shaving process.  It softens hairs and makes for the smoothest dang shave you’ve ever had.  I’m not going to lie, I’ve tried this out (gotta keep that beard in check =P) and it’s pretty awesome.  BONUS!  I’ve got a 20% off coupon code for all Kyoku products from  Just enter “GGKY2” at checkout!

Garnier Clean+ Blackhead Eliminating Scrub*
garnier scrub
It’s literally taken me YEARS to get Kyle to wash his face.  He has great skin, only getting a pimple occasionally, but he does suffer from blackheads on his nose.  They drive him crazy, so he was actually on board with trying out this new face wash from Garnier.  He uses it after his shave routine in the morning and it’s cleared up most of his blackheads!

Kyoku Facial Moisturizer (SPF 15)*kyoku moisturizerI’m so proud that my husband is all grown up and finally using a moisturizer.  He was always the type to stick on some sunscreen at the field and call it a day, but then I would always hear complaints about his skin being sooo dry or too oily depending on the time of day.  I’m like, “Hi.  If you used a moisturizer, it would solve both of those problems.”  Kyle has really been enjoying this one.  A little goes a long way, and it’s not greasy, but definitely keeps the dryness at bay.  Again, don’t forget the coupon code mentioned above!

Gilette Clear Gel Deodorant/Anti-Perspirant (Cool Wave)gilette deoderantAs a staple in his routine, he tends to buy this deodorant in bulk.  Being an athlete and someone who tends to sweat a lot, he needs something to keep him fresh and dry throughout the day, and this definitely does the trick.  The scent is nice and light and not too overwhelming.

Eau de Lacoste (Energetic Red)
lacoste red bottle
I found this cologne for him a few years ago and he’s been using it ever since.  “A triple blend of spices, ginger, black pepper and cardamom, contrasted with a sparkling iced red tea note.”  It’s not too strong or musky, but just right for a sexy smelling husband.

And that’s all, folks!! I hope you’ve enjoyed this slightly different version of Wednesday Wows today, and if you’re interested in knowing what products I was loving this week, pop over to my channel to watch my latest video.  Comment down below with some of the products that the men in your life can’t live without!

Best & Blessings,

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.  Any products marked with an * were gifted to us or provided for our consideration.  As always, our opinions are 100% honest and our own.*


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