August 2012 Favorites

The beginning of September can only mean one thing…it’s time for my August Favorites!  Since I’ve been focused on my Urban Decay Smoked Palette series this month, I don’t have tons of new beauty products that you haven’t already seen.  So I thought I would give a behind-the-scenes look at some of my must-have products that don’t ever make it in front of the camera. Some of them are random, but oh-so-handy.  Trust me.

Goody Quikstyle Hair Brush

I actually bought this on my trip home to California because I had seen ads for it and wanted to try it out for you guys!  This brush can be found at a drugstore in the haircare aisle for $11.99 and claims to improve drying efficiency by 30%.  The antimicrobial microfiber bristles not only absorb water in your hair, but also keep the brush clean!  Prior to purchasing the Quikstyle brush, I never used a brush to blow dry my hair because I often felt that it took even longer than usual.  However, now I almost always use this while blow drying and it definitely does improve drying time!

Suave Dry Shampoo

My mom first introduced me to this dry shampoo which is available at any drugstore for around $3.  It smells like Sweet Tarts and adds texture and volume to your hair, as well as absorbing oil.  Usually, I use this for texture and volume since my hair is ultra fine and slippery, but I have used it on my 2nd day hair to refresh it a bit.  As I mentioned in my video, I’ll spritz some of this on the ends of my hair to help it hold in my sock bun better (tutorial can be found here).  For only a few dollars, I’d say this product is a winner!

Johnson’s Calming Lavender Baby Shampoo

I love using Johnson’s Baby Shampoo for cleaning my brushes!  I tend to buy the Calming Lavender scent, but that’s just a preference because I like the smell.  And it’s purple!  It’s gentle on my brushes, and much cheaper than most brush cleansers.  It cleans them well and even removes all of the Perversion eyeliner from my light bristled Sigma E30 Pencil brush and the Benefit Dallas from my Sigma F40 Blush brush, leaving them looking white and good as new!

Johnson’s Hand & Face Wipes

These little wipes are my little miracles!  Not only do they remove dirt and germs, but makeup as well!!  These are my go-to makeup removers because they are super gentle on my dry, sensitive skin and their No More Tears formula doesn’t bother my eyes at all.  After removing all of my makeup with a wipe, I wash my face with my cleanser as usual.  However, when my husband was in the hospital (all 4 times…) I used these to wash my face since I couldn’t lug all of my beauty products with me.  It leaves my face feeling clean, but not dried out so I wouldn’t even have to put on lotion!  For me, that’s a complete miracle. I love the convenience of this little package which fits perfectly in my purse, but I usually keep a big pack of Huggies Baby Wipes in our bathroom.  They are pretty similar, but the Johnson’s are more loosely woven, so I think the Huggies are better makeup removers because they’re bigger and stronger.

MAC Lipstick (Modesty)

This MAC Lipstick has been appearing in most of my Smoked Palette tutorials because it’s nearly a perfect match to the natural shade of my lips.  It’s a dusty rose color that has a plummy undertone.  It evens out my lip color without washing them out or making them pop too much.  It’s a wonderful natural nude shade that would work with most skin tones.  I love their lipstick because it is long-lasting, smells good, and doesn’t dry out my lips.

Revlon Lipbutter (Berry Smoothie)

I’ve become a big fan of the Revlon Lipbutters because they go on so soft and smooth and are extremely moisturizing.  They give you a sheer wash of color that has a hint of shimmer that’s not too sparkly.  Although the color initially goes on pretty sheer, the color builds after a few applications.  Berry Smoothie is a wonderful dark pink that adds a hint of color to my face without being overwhelming, so it’s my go-to color when I’ve only got a bit of eye makeup on and want a fresh summery look.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed a peek at what I use off camera!! Let me know what your favorite products are!


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  1. Nadia A. says:

    Hi, I also use one of Johnson’s baby shampoos to clean my makeup brushes. I used to use the regular baby shampoo as well as the lavender baby shampoo. I now use the Johnson’s No More Tangles Extra Conditioning Shampoo in the blue bottle. I have found that this is the best baby shampoo to use to clean my makeup brushes. This shampoo cleans my brushes in half of the time that it took with the other baby shampoos and does not leave a residue on the brush bristles. My husband and I just picked up some of the Target Up and Up baby wipes for our children this past weekend. These wipes are so soft and are also perfect for removing makeup. I highly recommend both of these products.


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